The Disney Channel
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Ron Hart
John Beck
Betsy Sullenger
Andy Fickman
John Peaslee
Greg Hampson
Eddie Delmont
main title sequence for Disney

Creator Ron Hart said, “Shine exceeded our expectations at every turn. From our initial consultation, to the presentation to the network, through production, and throughout the post-production process they were thoughtful, inspired, and remarkably creative. They took our characters and brought them to light in a unique, refreshing way which we are certain our audience will be excited to see episode after episode. There was a lot about our dealings with Shine that impressed me, but the three things which really stood out for me personally were: the ambitious and bold creativity and depth of their initial concepts, the grace and tact they showed in adapting the project to our needs, and most importantly – the quality of the product they delivered to us which exceeded our expectations in every category.”


Above are a handful of storyboard frames from the sketch animatic used for planning the shoot.