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Producer Gigi Coelle-Bannon said, “Shine came in at the last minute and saved the day for us. We were two weeks away from air without a main title. In 48 hours, they pitched us a very creative concept which instantly got accepted by the producers and studios and network. They dove in, with a very tight deadline and never buckled under pressure. The team at Shine was extremely creative and always took everyone’s notes with style and grace. We are more than impressed with Shine and looking forward to working with them again.”


Criminal Minds is a police procedural television series developed by The Mark Gordon Company in association with CBS Television Studios and ABC Studios.
In the storyline, an elite squad of FBI profilers analyzes the country’s most-twisted criminal minds, anticipating the perpetrators’ next moves before they can strike again. Each member of the “mind hunter” team brings his or her expertise to pinpoint predators’ motivations and identify emotional triggers in order to stop them. The team is led by a strong profiler, Special Agent Aaron Hotchner, who excels at gaining people’s trust and eliciting their secrets. Other members of the team include a specialist on obsessional crimes, a quirky genius, and a computer wiz.
Criminal Minds is set primarily at the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit based in Quantico, Virginia, and in accordance with the show’s plot, Criminal Minds differs from many procedural dramas by focusing on profiling the criminal, called the unsub or “unknown subject”, rather than the actual crime itself. The focal point of the series follows a talented group of FBI profilers who set about catching various criminals through behavioral profiling.

Real criminal mugshots were incorporated into the collage of graphic imagery.
Visual effects shots where the crimes were re-enacted was a part of the language.